Keeping Your Emotions in Check!

A quote filled with good advice from one of my all-time favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally. Sally says to Harry:

“You can’t express every feeling you have every moment you have them.”

I love this quote. As every one of my friends (and my mother) would tell you, I have a hard time suppressing my emotions when I feel them. Sometimes this is good. If I’m excited, looking forward to something, or filled with passion, it’s awesome to feel, see and show exactly how I’m feeling. But when I get impatient, frustrated or just plain pissed off… welll it’s not so pleasant.

I don’t really know how to compartmentalize my feelings and say “Okay Allie, let’s put this aside for now and come back to it later when it’s more appropriate”. Instead my mind is telling me “What are you doing, let’s solve this now!! We need to talk about it and yell about it and figure out what is happening and why, no waiting allowed!”

So lately, I’ve been trying to repeat Sally’s quote to myself. Expressing and acting on every emotion whenever I have them is not going to get me far. Sometimes it’s better to cool off, think, and then act.

Easier said than done..?


2 responses to “Keeping Your Emotions in Check!

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