What’s your passion?

I have this quote as my favorite quote on Facebook. I took it from one of my favorite blogs, smartprettyandawkward.

“Take your passion and run with it–even if it is only for a day. Dreams and passions don’t need to last forever to be important or valid or interesting. Today, I love cupcakes. The whole blog is dedicated to them today. Will I love them as much when the weather is hot and sticky and all I want is an iced tea? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate them today.”

It’s so easy to go through life without passion. We all fall into routines because they’re easy, and they work. But the truth is, without passion, things are just plain boring. Passion exercises our brains the way our imagination did when we were younger. We need to spend more time thinking about our passions and living them. Like the quote says above, if you feel a spark, run with it. Let yourself be passionate about something. Don’t fight it. And if suddenly that passion runs out, that’s okay too. It’s about enjoying it while you’re living it.

So find your passion. embrace it. it feels good.


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