Why Can’t I Sit Still?

I’m terrible at sitting still. I’m one of those people you dread going to the movies with. I ask questions throughout the whole thing and shift positions in my seat about 17 times.

And while moving around during a movie seems like a minor thing in the grand scheme of things, it’s entirely reflective of my life. I can’t sit still.

I thrive on change and progress. If I’m not doing something new, I’m not moving forward, if I’m not moving forward, then what am I doing? Don’t get me wrong, I love routine, and let’s be real, I work an 8-5 day job sitting in a cubicle, I’m not that adventurous. But when something loses its appeal or I can no longer get excited about things, I get frustrated.

I love drinking my cup of coffee every morning, but like to change who I drink it with. I love going to bed early with a book every night, as long as the furniture in my room has been moved around every few months or so.

I date guys who I consider myself madly in love with for a couple of years and then decide it’s not doing it for me anymore, and move on to find something more exciting.

Why can’t I sit still? Why do I need something new?

Everyone says that when you find something, and someone, that is right for you, you’ll know. But I’m not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I should just embrace the fact that I need change and find a job, and a relationship, that changes with me.

Do you thrive on change? Or are you in favor of a solid, unchanging, routine?

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