I Love PB

I LOVE peanut butter. So much so that in college it was my post-party food of choice. I’d get back to my dorm room at 2 in the morning, grab a spoon, and just dig in! When I studied abroad in London my junior year, I had my boyfriend at the time bring me a special kind of peanut butter that I couldn’t get in the UK. (the relationship didn’t last but, MAN that pb was good!)

If you’re a fellow pb lover and you haven’t yet heard of Peanut Butter & Co.. , you’re in for a treat. PB & Co. is based out of NYC and makes THE BEST flavors of PB ever. My personal faves are Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Their website is as good as their flavors. It has random PB facts, merchandise and some DELICIOUS recipes. Check it out here: PB Co.

Any good pb recipes of your own? I’m always looking for some good ideas. share away!


One response to “I Love PB

  1. Allie, peanut butter? Danger zone!

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