We Didn’t Start the Fire

I am a huge sucker for crisis communications. The Tylenol case study from the 80s still excites me. In fact, I think I refer to that case a lot, probably too much, in my day-to-day conversation.

But I love it! Their transparency was admirable and quick recall even smarter. I’m a total crisis comm. nerd.

This probably explains why yesterday, when my company found itself in the midst of a mini PR crisis, my blood started pumping. At last, a chance to use those skills my four-year degree equipped in me!

I’m really fortunate in the fact that I get to work with a former Fleishman-Hillard executive. Although it was a mini crisis, she executed flawlessly and managed to calm the nerves of the anxiety-ridden VP here. Here’s how it went.

  • Company got word of a series of press conferences that could mention us
  • PR team put together statements and internal communication about potential mini-crisis
  • PR team set up keyword searches in monitoring service
  • Press conferences happened and did mention company
  • PR team distributed pre-developed statements (which were completely transparent and cooperative)
  • PR team monitored all news outlets

We’re still monitoring the news for any mention or larger pick up of the piece, but nerves have calmed over at corporate. Nothing caught us off guard which made it easier to respond appropriately. Adrenaline levels were high, but in control. It felt awesome!

I got home late last night, excited about the day. My boyfriend asked why I was so excited if this mini crisis could be bad for the company.

But he’s an architect. He just doesn’t get it.

Here’s to another day of blood-pumping crisis comms!


2 responses to “We Didn’t Start the Fire

  1. way to go allie! 🙂 its exciting to actually use what you’ve learned! good luck with everything! 🙂

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