How do you find the right words?

We all have internal conflicts. Sometimes they’re easier to work through than others. Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about something and it just consumes your thoughts until you don’t even remember why you got so worked up in the first place.

Right now I’m struggling because one of my coworkers was let go last week. I realize this is a fairly common occurrence (especially in this economy) but she was also one of my really good friends. It’s weird not having her here. And it’s strange knowing how to act – both to her and at work.

I’m not here to dispute whether she should’ve been fired, I’m just trying to figure out how you console someone who lost their job when you still have yours. She’s a smart, outgoing and hard-working person. She went to one of the top 10 schools for communications and advertising. She also just found out she’s pregnant with her first child. How is she supposed to find a new job now? Who hires someone who says they’re 3 months pregnant?

I know that in the end she’ll be fine. And I’m sure she knows that too. She and her husband will have a gorgeous baby and will be happy and none of this stuff will matter. But what about the right now? How do you help a friend feel better about something that you have no control over?


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