So I made the sauce…

It took an hour. And it wasn’t that hard. And it tasted good.

But still, my jar of ragu takes all of 2 min to prepare with a few extra spices.

I do understand why people pick one day to make a huge batch and freeze it. It just takes too much time to prepare on an as-need basis.

Anyway, it was good. I suppose I’d recommend trying it out yourself.. at least to see what all the hype is about!

(my boyfriend said it needed to sit longer.. and the onions needed to be chopped smaller… psh, Italians..)


2 responses to “So I made the sauce…

  1. HA! I loooove making my own gravy – and yes, you have to let it sit for like 6 hours – that’s the secret! Yummy! xoMeg

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