Fall is for cool kids.

It’s official. Fall is here. Maybe not according to the calendar but according to the menus and fall flavors at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks – it’s arrived. I’m not complaining, I love the crisp feel and autumn smells of the season. In fact, pretty much everyone I know has been tweeting or facebooking about pumpkin coffee and apple cider.

So this is why I was so shocked when my boyfriend told me he doesn’t like fall. I have to admit when he mentioned it a few months back, I thought he was joking. But now that we’ve had a week’s worth of cooler weather and he continues to insist he hates the season, I’m starting to freak out a bit.

I mean really, not liking fall is like not liking puppies. Who am I dating??

He says it’s the inconsistent temperature that bothers him most. “You go out with a coat but then get hot and have to take it off, if you do a sweater you’re peeling off layers, go out without a sweater you’re wishing you had one.. there’s always a chill in the air you can’t get rid of.”

“BUT THAT’S THE BEST PART OF FALL,”  I insist. I love cozying up in an oversized sweater and crunching on the leaves. Bringing out my fall boots? Bonus points! Extra blankets at night? Ah, I’m in Heaven!

I have such a strong desire to prove to him how awesome fall is that I had a make-believe argument in my head the other day, preparing my points and rebuttals for anything he might send my way.

“you never know what to wear”

“Yeah? Well spring is the same way and you like spring!!!”

“you have to defrost your windows in the car in the morning”

“Yeah? Well winter is even worse and you don’t’ complain about that!!!”

“there’s always a chill in the air”

“Yeah? Well that’s why they make delicious flavored coffee and hearty soups!!!”

… it really only gets worse. I am steadfast on defending this cozy and crisp season!

So while I continue plotting to convert my boyfriend into a true fall fan, I’m asking for your help. What do you love most about fall? We must join forces if we’re going to prove him wrong!


7 responses to “Fall is for cool kids.

  1. Football!

  2. I could go on for hours:
    apple picking, pumpkin pie… pumpkin anything, color, fireplaces, the smell of woods and smoke in the air, Halloween (and candy corn…), chili on Sundays, hay rides, squash, chunky scarves and sweaters, Thanksgiving potlucks with friends (and those delicious cocktails!), no mosquitoes outside, new seasons of TV…

    and I think fall also makes me nostalgic for school / people’s place dates and London!

  3. I am siding with Tom.

    I don’t like fall because it means that winter is just around the corner.

  4. Thanksgiving is the best part of fall! Love having the entire family home for that holiday-

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