From playground swings to wedding rings.

Weren’t we just playing in sandboxes or paying $2 to get into frat parties? Now we’re working grown-up jobs, brainstorming baby names and picking out wedding gifts!

My sister is engaged. My coworker announced she’s having a baby and one of my girlfriends is getting married this weekend – is this real life?

The scarier part? I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to see Mandy walk down the aisle, say her “I Dos” and look both ecstatic and optimistic as the photographer captures the moment forever.

I always thought there was this moment of clarity when you realized you were an adult and ready for salaries, babies and weddings. But now I’m noticing that’s not the case at all. I think the moments all build up until you start to see that all those “grown up things” are becoming your life.

I still don’t consider myself an “adult”. But I don’t feel like a college student or a kid or an intern anymore. I can’t wait to pick out baby clothes with my coworker and dresses with my sister. But I still like to sleep in until noon on the weekend and get pizza when the bars close.

Life is full of several phases. And while some have defining moments, like losing your first tooth, getting your drivers license and graduating from college, I think most creep up on us before we even realize we’re in them.

Do you feel “adult” yet? When did you begin to feel like your life was entering a new phase?

7 responses to “From playground swings to wedding rings.

  1. I love this! It’s crazy, I didn’t really feel like an adult until a few days ago. I’ve known for the past year and a half that I was going to get married on October 9th. But it’s all hitting me right now. New last name? YIKES! I’ve always liked my last name. Change has always made me nervous, but I always adapt to new things quickly, does that make sense?

    • Even just seeing your new last name here is crazy, but so exciting! I think you’re right, change comes with both nerves and an adrenaline rush that helps get you through it all. thanks for the comment : )

  2. haha i just had to do the new last name:)

  3. GREAT post, love!

    I feel like I always have little moments where the adult-ness of situations just hits me out of nowehere. I can got through all the motions – moving into an apartment, negotiating a salary and going on “grown-up” dates and it’ll all hit me while I’m comparison shopping at Trader Joes. Ha.

    I think the relationship portion scares me the most. To think that the person I’m dating now could potentially be the last person I date is terrifying, exhiliarting and just plain weird. Such is being an adult i suppose.


    • thanks Meg! the relationship part scares me the most too. I’m all about long-term, serious commitments but when I start to think about the permanent, “adult-like” nature of it.. I get a little nervous! For most of our lives, we go through big changes pretty much every year or two. Will settling down, maintaining a career and getting married change that? (probably not, but these are the thoughts that go through my head!)

      love the comment!

  4. Great post Allie! I had a very similar convo this weekend with some friends. I don’t feel like a grownup yet and all of these “grownup” things keep happening to me and around me. I don’t know if there ever is the moment of clarity and possibly just a slow transition into something greater.

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