Losing my memory. Becoming my mother.

When I was younger, no matter what I asked my mom, she would always answer with “leave me a note to remind me.” Sometimes the note leaving was appropriate:

Me: “Mom, will you buy toaster strudels at the grocery store?”

Mom: “Sure, leave me a note to remind me.”

Other times, not so much:

Me: “Mom will you leave the milk out when you’re done with it?”

Mom: “Sure, leave me a note to remind me.”

I’m serious! And if you whined too much about leaving yet another note she’d fire back and tell you her memory was bad and she needed the notes or she wouldn’t do it.

For years I thought this was just her way of executing a mean mom conspiracy. She’d make me and my sister leave all these little notes and she’d save them in a shoe box and laugh at how she was able to get us to do it all (and her laugh would be evil!).

I held onto this mean mom conspiracy theory until a few weeks ago. Within one week I managed to lose:

  • my license
  • a receipt I needed to expense at work
  • my gym receipt I needed to get credited
  • a check for work
  • a cardigan
  • 2 stamps

Oh dear. I am losing my memory and becoming my mother.

After all these years I finally get it. Losing your memory SUCKS. I leave myself a million post-its throughout the day and write things on my wrist in case I lose the post-it. Like my mother, if it’s not written down, it’s likely it won’t get done.

Today, I mailed out a letter but forgot to put the letter in the envelope.. I mailed an empty envelope.



5 responses to “Losing my memory. Becoming my mother.

  1. Did you cash your birthday check yet? Or did you forget?

  2. Um Hi. I am doing the same thing. . .I’m starting to realize writing things in my planner, putting it in my phone and writing it on myself isn’t enough. I can forget things faster than you tell me them. You’re not alone!!!!

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