gimme your gift ideas. please.

My juices are running dry and I can’t come up with any good birthday gift ideas anymore. Who’s got some tips? Even though everyone loves gift cards, I always like the ones that are creative and personal..without digging too much into the bank.

Last year my boyfriend gave me a framed picture of the Eiffel Tower that he a) took himself and b) built the frame himself. amazing gift but I’m not shop-handy and the best frame I could make would be out of popsicle sticks.

What are some good gifts you’ve given in the past?


2 responses to “gimme your gift ideas. please.

  1. GIve your time, Allie. That is the hardest and most appreciated gift of all.

    P.S. Your cousins still prefer cash.

  2. I am the least creative person in the world! My gifts are usually clothes or gift cards. I agree that time is one of the best gifts! Is there a concert or show you could go to? Go away for the night (a stay-cation is good too; (vacation in town! ha))!

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