My friends: A Character Overview

I’ve been close to my group of girl friends for about 11 years now.. some even longer. As we’ve grown closer, we’ve also grown into more defined personalities that we can all read and predict. All of us know to give Rachel an extra 10 minutes and that she’ll never be ready and waiting when you pull into her driveway.

While this predictability is common in strong relationships, what’s interesting to me is the way we all fit into a character bucket. If I could write a character overview of my friends, it’d go something like this:

Rachel: Rachel’s the stubborn red head. She’ll fight you to the grave over a one-degree discrepancy in the weather and point out the fact that your outfit doesn’t match.  But when her stubborn nature isn’t working against you, it’s working for you in a way that not many people can. Like the weather, she’ll defend you to the grave and have your back in any situation.

Emma: Emma’s the free spirit with dreams bigger than her. Her closet’s always a mess and she rarely bothers with make up , although her confidence in her rich green eyes does more for her than makeup ever could. She lives in the moment, which is why she usually has an adorable Coach purse  on her arm but a broken-down car in the driveway. She’s the kind of friend that reminds you possibilities are endless.

Katie: Katie’s the girl next door. Soccer player, homecoming queen, Catholic. She looks good in anything and if she laughs too hard she pees her pants. A bit naïve at times, you sometimes wonder if she was too sheltered – but don’t let her pearls and tiny frame fool you,  she can chug a beer like no other.

Amanda: Amanda’s the one with the infectious laugh and off-beat style.  By day she’s a straight edge, by night she’s crowd surfing at Pitbull concerts. While she went through awkward stage s like collecting beanie babies and wearing floppy hats, she now directs her creative energy toward cake decorating. She puts so much attention to detail and life that you know she’ll be successful.

Gretchen: Gretchen is the teacher’s pet gone wild. Okay, a bit extreme. But she is a go-getter with a (at times) frat-boy sense of humor. She’s involved in several clubs, events and associations and works multiple jobs at once. Spend a few minutes with her and she’ll more than likely drop a dirty joke or funny remark. She’s got the drive to make it, and the humor to make it enjoyable.

Margaret: Margaret is the assertive one. The all-American girl in a gray t-shirt and ripped jeans.  She knows what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. She’ll try something 15 times before asking anyone for help. While at times she may appear aggressive, she’s got the best intentions and greatest  ambitions.

These are the characters who make up the story of my life. And I love them all for who they are ❤

What’s your character overview?


4 responses to “My friends: A Character Overview

  1. this was so cute! i might steal this for a future blog post 🙂

  2. Allie…you do have the best group of friends! …seems like you are all sisters separated at birth. But, what about you? How about writing YOUR self-defined character overview? OR bettter yet…I would like to challenge one of the sister/friends to write it for you. Ok friends, step in and be a guest blogger! (And don’t let Allie do any editing)

    • Actually, Katie did on my Facebook page:

      “Allie- the sexy goofball…she’s the friend that all the boys want to get to know because of her Denise Richard looks, although her personality is more closely associated with “the class clown”. The most vocal of the group, she is known for belting out her feelings and opinions and then quickly turning red and covering her mouth after she realizes the inappropriateness. She is constantly flashing her big smile and her hair styles change the most. She is a sucker for seasonal traditions and has the warmest heart.”

  3. Allie, this is awesome! It was so much fun to read! I think you described everybody in my group of girl friends from high school, so reading it felt like I knew each girl. I might have to steal this idea from you:)
    I would love to hear your character overview too!

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