Drug Store Junkie

I have a drug store addiction. It’s not my fault, really. I was born into a drug store family. My dad has worked for one since he graduated college. He met my mom when he hired her to work in his store. My addiction was inevitable.

I try not to shop there too often. I mainly go in when I need to pick up a prescription. I tell myself I’m going in ONLY to get my prescription, nothing else. But of course the pharmacy is way in the back of the store, requiring me to walk through all the aisles that taunt me with yellow stickers screaming “buy one get one 50% off”.

I’ve found I do best when I get to the pharmacy by walking through the toy aisle, rather than the makeup or cleaning products sections. Who can pass up a deal for 75% off lip gloss or buy-one-get-one hand soap? Not me. I see a much higher success rate when I’m surrounded by plastic squirt guns or feather tiaras.

It doesn’t always work though. Even when I have noise-making dinosaurs and doll clothes in front of me, I know that the deeply discounted lip gloss is just three aisles to the left. “You’re going to need it at some point,” I tell myself “wouldn’t you rather get it now when it’s so cheap?.”

And alas, my unwavering and very rational inner voice wins. I end up with the lip gloss. And why not throw in a bottle of nail polish too? It’s only another $2.49.

By the time I usually make it to the pharmacy, a good 10 or 15 minutes has elapsed. Hopefully at this point the pharmacist is ready to see me. If he is talking to another customer I don’t stand a chance in leaving with just the lip gloss and nail polish. I scan the nearest aisles searching for those yellow stickers. If I’m lucky, it’s only a matter of seconds before the customer ahead of me is finished. If not? I leave with my lip gloss, my nail polish, some toilet paper (you can never have too much!), lip stick (which I never wear but it’s $.50!) and a toothbrush (oral hygiene for the win).

My $5 prescription turns into a $20 purchase.

But like I said, it’s not my fault.


3 responses to “Drug Store Junkie

  1. I’m a fan so I’m giving you an award…of sorts! check it out here: http://tuesday2.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/its-all-in-the-game/

  2. Interesting thoughts – I too was brought into the drug store addiciton by marraige- My husband’s father owned LYNNE’s drug store in Owego for many years – it is hard not to go down all the isles and see something that I may need now or in a few years ( really who cares it’s on sale – right ?) So I now go through drive through and enjoy all the money I save – except when my prescription is at Wal Mart – now that is ANOTHER story !!!! Enjoyed your thoughts and love your mom btw… 🙂

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