Whirlwind Week

I’ve had a crazy week (and a half), which I’ll share more about later this week. For now, here are some things I’m loving:

  • These baby clothes (who doesn’t want a onesie with an ice cream cone?) my coworker is due to have her baby this Friday so baby clothes keep catching my eye.


  • Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I recently purchased the e-version for my kindle and am loving it. Before buying I had read some negative reviews. She goes pretty deep into the history and trends of marriage, which, for some readers might seem boring. I have a huge interest in sociology (even decided to minor in it in college) so I’m really enjoying the delve into the whys and hows of marriage.


  • I love how comfy this dress looks. Dress it up with heels or down with tights and tall boots. (although you won’t see hip bones jutting out while I’m in it).



  • My mom’s new dog Sam, she’s such a snuggler!


  • Oscar Bingo! I played with girlfriends last year, a fun twist to watching the event


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