Because Google tells me so.

Google is both a wonderful and curse-worthy thing. On the one hand, I can find out the address, phone number and even the date of a grandparent’s death for just about anyone. On the other hand, I can diagnose myself with life-threatening illnesses.

Most recently, I have diagnosed myself, and my mother, with early onset Alzheimer’s. I shouldn’t place all the blame on Google, a good portion of my realization stems from the book I’ve been reading (and highly recommend), Still Alice, by Lisa Genova.

In the book, main character Alice, becomes unusually forgetful and confused. Just in her early 50s, she would never attribute these memory lapses to Alzheimer’s. Yet, when her doctor makes the diagnosis, all the pieces click together.

My mom is very forgetful, hence the post-it notes growing up. Sometimes she’ll ask me the same question three times in an hour, just like Alice. I’ve written before about my ever-decreasing memory. And it’s only getting worse! I’ll go to my company intranet, only to forget what I even went there for. I have extreme trouble recalling what I ate for breakfast or what I wore to work the day before. I’ll forget names of places I’ve known forever!

Clearly my mother and I have early-onset Alzheimer’s. What else could it be? Google tells me it’s true!

But my doctor says it’s stress.

And so does my mom.

And I guess they have more credibility than Google search.

For now I’ll shift my focus to the brain tumor Google tells me I have…


3 responses to “Because Google tells me so.

  1. hahaha, the Other Allie Mac (@AllieMckenna) has the same problem! And PS I have an addiction to googling ailments so badly that my doctor has to email me “stop googling things.”

    loves it!

  2. You never liked the fact that I gifted you every holiday and birthday with self-help books. So now you recommend “Guess what I think is wrong with you” books for me? Not so sure I want to read my Christmas novel.

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