Learnings of a [first time] City Girl

So I’ve arrived in NYC, officially marking the start of my next chapter in life [or at least that’s what everyone keeps saying]. Things I’ve discovered in my four days as a city girl:

  • I live directly above a frozen yogurt store – this is good.
  • I live directly across the street from a gym – this means “the gym is too far” can never be an excuse again. This is no good.
  • Train weekend schedules are different from weekday – this means attempting a trial run for your work route on the weekend is not the same as the actual thing.
  • Bagels are everywhere – guess it’s good I have that gym
  • Walking is great when it’s warm out – not so much when it’s raining and snowing
  • Going to Target in Queens is not the same as a Target in Upstate, NY – it is just as chaotic as the streets of New York.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – but make sure they’re still cute.
  • No car means no need for a DD when you’re out at the bars – this is good

 More to come – any suggestions or advice?


5 responses to “Learnings of a [first time] City Girl

  1. There’s also a Target in Brooklyn, in case that’s close than Queens!! Don’t worry about walking around and getting lost, if that happens, you can always hop in a cab and get back home 😉 I hope we can get together for happy hour once you’re all settled! Congrats on the new gig again ❤

  2. GOOD LUCK CITY GIRL! I know that you will be a success @ whatever you do.

    Going to church would be better than going to the bars.

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