The Big “P”

Patience. I don’t have it. I wish I did. My grandpa would always remind us to “have the big P”.

I have it for the practical things… traffic jams, long lines, waiting for my eggs benedict at a crowded diner. But the emotional stuff? The real life stuff? Patience is out the window.

I wrote before about how I’m an emotional person. I feel something and I act on it. I’m not good at suppressing feelings and I’m not sure I ever will be.

It’s hereditary… my mom wrote about it.

I wish I had more patience emotionally, both in friendships and romantically. I’m too rash in my actions and too quick to use my at-the-moment emotion as validation.

But how do you learn to temper your emotions? And how do you know when to sit back and let them pass.

I’d be a better friend, and girlfriend, if I could figure those things out.

How do you manage your emotions and maintain your patience?



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