Easter, from a non-religious point of view

Okay, clearly Easter is celebrated for religious reasons, but let’s be real ,there are a lot of other reasons to enjoy this holiday. Here’s my list:

  • Mashed Potatoes – perhaps the biggest reason to enjoy the day, I know Easter is truly here when I’ve reached my third helping of delicious, buttery mashed potatoes. In fact, I’ve been labeled the Mashed Potato Queen, and I wear that title with honor.
  • Cadbury Eggs – The original cream kind. The others are good but for true Easter fun you need to get the original. none of the minis, none of hte caramel or chocolate filled eggs.. just the cream. And you need to develop a method of eating them. I prefer to store mine in the refrigerator, get it to a nice cold temperature, then start at the top and work my way down.
  • The Smell of Spring – although the forecast here is rain and chilly temps, Easter usually means consistent spring weather is right around the corner. I love when you can smell the damp ground as it softens and begins to sprout flowers and fresh grass.
  • Easter Egg Hunts – sure, we’ve outgrown them now but remember how fun they were when you were younger? My grandma used to write out hints about where we should begin our search.
  • Giant Chocolate Bunnies – I have won two three-feet tall solid chocolate bunnies in my lifetime, and that’s quite an accomplishment. Sure, one was a default prize when they ran out of all the others and yeah, the other was from a randomly-selected coloring contest winner, but still. They were delicious. Although I really wouldn’t know, because I tend to hoard my chocolate and they both ended up living in my neighbor’s giant freezer because I didn’t want them to go bad. But it’s a solid chocolate giant bunny.. I can only assume it’s delicious.

Those are my non-religious reasons for loving Easter. What are yours?


6 responses to “Easter, from a non-religious point of view

  1. 1) Baked ham
    2) Scalloped or Au Gratin potatoes (no mashed in our household!)
    3) Searching for my Easter basket (although now it’s finding the dogs’ Easter baskets – yup you read that correctly)
    4) Baked ham (I really like baked ham)

  2. How about spring break?

  3. The food! We embrace my family’s Polish side for this holiday, so my grandmother always makes a ham and kielbasa. My mother makes babka, which is a treat considering she only makes it twice a year! I also love the Easter egg hunt we always have, even though we’re not so young anymore (our ages range from 12-24, haha), but it’s still fun.

    I also love the flowers associated with Easter- means spring’s coming (or finally here!) 🙂

  4. All these non religious reasons are ‘reasons to eat’

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