Why Worry is Pointless

It seems all I’ve been blogging lately are quotes. But they’re short, sweet and instill an emotion that you’d otherwise be without. Enjoy!

Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn’t happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.

4 responses to “Why Worry is Pointless


    Put your trust in God and don’t worry at all.

    Proud of you and luv ya

  2. Too funny. My mom and I were just talking about this. She said her mother always used to say that “worrying is a lack of faith.” A way I never looked at it.

  3. Reminds me of another quote…
    “Two women looked through prison bars.
    One saw mud.
    The other saw stars…”

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