faith or logic, which do you choose?

I have a problem with faith. I prefer to live my life through practical rationale. Which is why I freaked out when my sister told me, at 19, she was engaged. Or why in order to know if something is right for me, I have to first analyze why it’s not. That way, I can see which side has the most compelling argument.

It’s also why I struggle with relationships. I don’t struggle to love, that’s the easy part. But I struggle with putting my faith in deciding something will be right for me, forever. It’s why I’m trying to live by the mantra that “if it’s meant to be, it will” but why I’m really just letting go of something so I can see if it’s better or worse without it.

Do you live on faith or logic?


2 responses to “faith or logic, which do you choose?

  1. donna striley

    I choose faith. Logic has limits.

  2. I choose logic, because it is, faith.
    Logic = bias belief that numbers of life work out in your favor.
    What is faith?
    Believing that things will work in your favor for no reason but belief.

    Seems similar, no?
    Just musing from a deist/agnostic/soft atheism.

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