Hair Help!

I’ve been told my blog is pretty girly, and well, yeah… it is. I’m a girl. I like chocolate, pink and fashion. And today I’m reaching out to other girls to get some tips on hair styles.

My hair is at that weird in-between length. It’s not quite long, but it’s not short either. It doesn’t fall easily down my back but it lacks the style of a cute bob. As a result, I end up pulling it back into a pony tail by the end of the day.

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I’m desperate to try something fun and new while I continue to grow it out. Any suggestions on cute ways to make my un-styled hair look better?



3 responses to “Hair Help!

  1. donna striley

    Hi-lights! They will change your look and help you through that growing-out stage. Really.

  2. Amber Rinehard

    french braid your bangs 🙂

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