Dream Weaver

I overanalyze things far too often, which is why recurring dreams intrigue me so much. I have a few that it seems I’ve had for as long as I can remember. And they’re kind of twisted in that dream-like way that makes sense while it’s happening. What’s interesting to me is the way recurring dreams evolve each time they occur. While the basis for each remains the same, my emotions and thought process during the dream builds off of what happened last time… even if I haven’t had the dream in months.

Dream #1: Getting chased by Wizard of Oz characters through overgrown grass I’m pretty sure I’ve had this dream/nightmare for more than 10 years. When I was younger the Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie (apparently it doubled as a babysitter while my mom cleaned the house), but for some reason these crazy characters haunt my dreams. It starts off with me running through a huge mass of grass that’s at least five feet tall. I’m running frantically, looking back occasionally to see a big furry lion and ruby slippers coming after me. I’ve never figured out what they want from me, and they’ve never managed to catch me, but nonetheless my anxiety throughout never fades.

Dream #2: Blurry vision Are you like me? Tortured by terrible eyesight that requires you to never be either without contacts or within arm’s reach of your thick, thick glasses? Do you wake up in the morning, open your eyes and see lovely shades of fuzz and haziness? AWESOME. So you’ll know exactly what I’m describing when I explain that I have far too many dreams in which I have my no-contacts-no-glasses-no-eye-correction-at-all-vision. The setting changes often, but regardless of where I am, I’m squinting throughout my dream, seeing objects in blurry colors rather than defined images. Usually I’m running from something (oh hey, maybe the Wizard of Oz characters will make an appearance here soon!) and can’t see far enough in front or around me to do what I need to do to be okay. Who wants to start up a fund for me to get Lasik? Anyone?

Dream #3: Waking up on a bicycle in the backyard of my soul mate’s house This is actually a dream that doesn’t induce anxiety, I deserve it after the other two. I’m riding my bike (don’t think I’ve owned one since I was 12) to visit a boyfriend when suddenly there’s a gap where it seems like maybe I’ve fallen asleep. I wake up on my bike in the backyard/field of some guy’s house. He’s around my age and living at his parent’s house (although I think in the dream I’m only 18 or so, so my dream soul mate is not an unemployed live-at-home momma’s boy ). When I meet this guy we immediately click and I abandon any plans to continue my bike ride to this ‘boyfriend’s house. Instead I end up on a plane flying cross country with this mysterious man. (Perhaps this is my dream’s equivalent to ‘riding off into the sunset’)

What recurring dreams do you have? Are you haunted by old-school movie characters or distorted eyesight?


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