We’re turning into our mothers, gasp.

The other day I came across an interesting post on one of my new favorite blogs, Life2PointOh. The piece was titled “20-something signs you’re turning into your mother“. It’s funny how true some of these are. My favorites include:

  • You look for SPF in your moisturizer.
  • You feel kinda like a rebel when you’re up past midnight on a school night
  • You make friends text you when they get home, so you won’t worry
  • You totally understand how Friday nights in can trump Friday nights out

I think I’d also add:

  • You understand what a difference simply making your bed every morning can do for your room
  • You get annoyed at people who don’t rinse their dishes. In the end it saves time people!
  • You rejoice over alone time
  • You need it written on the calendar or a post-it note to remember
  • You enjoy coffee dates almost as much as happy hour. And hey, it’s usually cheaper

What  would you add?

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