Marry me?

I am absolutely obsessed with marriage proposals. It’s crazy how one question can be presented in so many different sweet and creative ways. Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, posted an adorable and authentic proposal. What ensued was a slew of comments with readers sharing their own engagement stories.

I can’t get enough. Here are some of my favorites…

“my husband took me to our college campus one evening, into the very classroom where we met. he had a friend go in and fill the room with tea light candles before we arrived. then he flipped on the overhead projector so that the words “will you marry me?” were projected onto the wall. it was pretty cool. then we sat down at our desks and drank a bottle of wine in the classroom. :)”

“Sweet. After ten months of dating, I found my engagement ring as I was carving a pumpkin:) So surprised. Still happily married 14 years later.”

what’s your dream proposal?

p.s. my best friend and her fiance… (how gorgeous!)


9 responses to “Marry me?

  1. Did Dad ever tell you that I am the one who proposed to him? I still expected him to buy me a ring. (He did)

  2. donna striley

    The one for my daughter. 😉

  3. I remember seeing a video that a guy took his gf to a museum (a history museum that showing all the old stuff in glass boxes) and then in one of the exhibit, there is a ring and titled “(gf’s name)’s ring”. The girl was so surprised and turned around to find her bf has one knee down on the floor. I think this is one of the most creative proposals that I can think of.

  4. Honestly, I don’t want something over the top. I would rather it be during something we (my non-bf and I) do all the time… Something so average like eating Chinese and watching Monday Night Football. I think it shows that even the little things we do are memorable and should be celebrated.
    I would like the words to be heartfelt and thought out though. Not just, “Hey, hun. Can you hand me a napkin? Oh and uh, will you marry me?” No. Put some effort into it. I just don’t need a hot air balloon.

    • It’s true, it’s the emotion and meaning that matters more than any of the materialistic gestures (not that there’s anything wrong with them…). I wonder if guys who have trouble expressing emotion in words have a hard time with proposals. I wonder what they do as an alternative to make it meaningful and genuine.

  5. LOVE this post Allie! I’m obsessed with proposals too! Just cried watching the Acapella Flash mob one! So sweet!!! If I had my way, I’d be proposed to in Ireland on the Cliffs of Moher! 🙂

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