My Body Gallery for the win

95% of non-eating disordered women overestimate the size of their hips by 16% and their waists by 25%, yet the same women were able to correctly estimate the width of a box, according to a study cited on My Body Gallery.

Amber shared this site (My Body Gallery) with me and I absolutely LOVE it. Basically, you plug in your height, weight and clothing sizes and the site shows you pictures of other women with the same measurements. It’s a great way to see just how “normal” you actually are. Despite the fact that it’s old news at this point, it’s no less true that girls and women are influenced by magazines and celebrities.

After moving to New York City I noticed a level of skinny-conscious thinking that I hadn’t seen since the binge eating girls in college who balanced their calories according to their drinking schedule. Sites like this one, as well as the Dove and Nike campaigns, are a healthy reality check for our women who are unsure, upset or just plain misunderstood about the way they look.


2 responses to “My Body Gallery for the win

  1. This is great. I just checked it out immediately after skipping my morning run haha. Thank you for the reality check 😉

  2. Allie. I went to that site. Here is their response to me. I NOW have issues. Love, Mom.

    “We don’t yet have any pictures that match your search criteria. Please help us develop the Body Gallery project by uploading your photo here! To increase the number of images that appear in your search, try leaving some of the search options set to “Any.” Thanks for your patience as we build our database.”

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