Fried Kool Aid? Only at the fair!

It’s that time of year again. The time when the air is filled with the sweet smell of fried goods and spilled beer. When your vision is graced with the unfortunate presence of mullets and too-tight clothes. Yes, that’s right.. it’s time for The Great New York State Fair!

As a native Upstate New Yorker, the fair brings back fond memories for me. Sure, you hustle your way through crowds and find yourself near the point of vomiting due to all the deliciously fried foods, but the fair is a true experience!

Growing up my sister and I waited in excitement for the fair. To us it meant Dippin’ Dots (OMG!) and taking pictures in an oversized chair with equally oversized props designed to make us look like tiny beings (who cares about the fact that at ages 4 and 6 we were, already, tiny). It meant riding the Himalaya and learning that neither our mom nor our dad had a stomach tolerance for even the kiddy rides.

Fast forward to my college years and the fair suddenly took on a new meaning. WINE SLUSHIES! These overpriced drinks from heaven were the focal point of our trips to the fairgrounds. Seriously, have you ever had one before? Because they’re absolutely amazing. They’re basically like your traditional convenient store slushie/slurpee but with wine.

So yes, while the fair is a great display of New York’s finest (stretch….), it is also a great way to spend an afternoon (or if you’re my boyfriend, several afternoons), with your friends and family. But be sure to pace yourself on the food front.. you don’t want a food coma too soon!

Have you ever been to a state fair? Or county fair? What’s your favorite part?

Check out some of my fair highlights from last year…

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One response to “Fried Kool Aid? Only at the fair!

  1. I still have those annual pictures of you and Lauren in the overstuffed chair! I’ll find them and scan them in …one of these days.

    My favorite pict is Lauren holding a huge ice cream cone (surprise) and you holding a blow up bottle of Corona (yet another surprise).

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