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How’s your job hunt going?

Not to self promote (except that’s absolutely what I’m doing…) but check out my guest post on PR Breakfast Club: An Agency Perspective: Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Job Hunting

‘Tis the season… for sparkly nails

I am officially in the holiday spirit. And with just two weeks left until Christmas Day, I want to do everything I can to savor the best parts of the season.

Yesterday I lit a Christmas-tree scented candle and watched a marathon of Christmas movies including Four Christmases, Christmas Shoes and Elf (well, I tried to watch Elf but then my dvd player broke.. fail).

Today I have a Christmas playlist going on Spotify and I have no intentions of turning it off until AFTER the 25th. Or maybe in January… I really love the holidays.

I also painted my nails a fun gold sparkle. It’s amazing how much a little nail polish can get you in the holiday mood. I want to play with other holiday nail ideas and found some great inspiration over on Refinery 29. I LOVE the candy cane/mint idea. But we’ll see if my skill level coincides with the results of the picture.

How do you get in the holiday spirit?

Welcome to the Snowiest City in the U.S.

Syracuse, NY was just named the snowiest city in the U.S. While I’ve always suspected the snowfall there was excessive, this report confirms the depressing truth: it snows 26 percent of the year in Syracuse.

This means that more than 1/4 of the year is spent in snow boots, brushing the layer(s) of cold, cold snow off the car. No wonder Syracuse University had just one snow day in 10 years. If they worked on the basis of snow, they’d be closed four months out of the year.

It’s December 1st.. the snow’s not too far off, get your shovels out!

How will you describe living in NYC?

I spent some time catching up on my Google Reader earlier and came across a GREAT article on Meg’s Mumbo. Even though I’ve only been in New York for about nine months now, this post seems to capture a lot about life, and moments, in the city.

Take a look. – What People Talk about When They Talk about Life in New York

ps: a few of my favorite excerpts…

You’re close with the girl in the Lower East Side until she moves to Queens and falls off your radar. 

They talk about the moments when they felt most connected, when the city was giving them smooth handy J’s on a beautiful day and you were reciprocating by going down on it at The High Line. 

They talk about the reasons why they might leave—there are many and they all are valid—which invariably include the desire to have more space, more bang for your buck, and needing to make healthier lifestyle choices.


Creative Wedding Invite

As you know, I’m a sucker for all things weddings and proposals. And I’m also in a relationship that’s going on its third year of long-distance. So when I found this adorable wedding invite on Pinterest, I fell in love and had to share.

Wegmans, Cheap Rent and Tree-Lined Streets…

Last week, I spent time in Upstate, NY, splitting my days between my college-town, Syracuse, and my company’s office in Rochester. Normally my trips upstate last only a few days, so it was really nice to have the entire week to take in all of the things I miss about the area. And wow, I didn’t realize just how many things there were…

  • Wegmans. the selection, the hot food, the freshly packed sushi. amazing. I still think about their $3.99 frozen pizzas (spoken from someone who considers frozen pizza a staple to their diet).
  • The leaves and tree-lined streets. They just add this charm to the neighborhood that you can’t get anywhere else. It makes you want to go for a run and plow through the leaves, crunching them with every step you take.
  • Driving in a car. this simple luxury. The fact that when it’s cold out, the farthest distance I have to go, if I really want to, is walking from my house to my car, sparing myself from walking blocks in the snow and chilly wind.
  • Target. OMG. Do I miss Target. Why is it so amazing? Yesterday I walked through one of the stores and just looked at all of the Christmas decorations and candies (yes, it’s early, but I love it so I won’t complain!) and the hair products and shoes and books and music and food, all under one amazing roof.
  • The rent. My rent in NYC is four times what it was upstate. This means my Starbuck’s red-cup splurges will have to be minimal this year. And that I have to seriously calculate my Christmas spending and gift buying.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the city, and I know that when it starts lighting up with the winter spirit, ice skaters and holiday festivities, I’ll wonder how I ever went without it. But for a week, it was nice to relive my upstate favorites.

Oh, and obviously the best part about upstate, Syracuse basketball. Kicking off the ’11-’12 season!

Pushing Ahead

Great advice from one of my favorite blogs today, Smart Pretty and Awkard

How to be Smarter: I think the happiest people continually create their own options and choices, and I think the unhappiest people are the ones that feel unable to do that and so they are stuck in their situation. You have to practice being proactive about finding ways to make your life better, and you might have to make changes, even if you are scared. By practicing these two things, when a bad moment does come around, you will already have a reservoir of confidence that you can trust yourself to find and execute a way to make it better.

Weddings: video tape or no?

Video taping weddings was a huge trend back in the 80s. I can remember the poor-quality, dusty, velvet looking church images of my parent’s own wedding tape.  It was a great way to capture every moment of that special day, but the quality didn’t seem to really do it justice.

Which is why my best friend Katie, getting married next June, was initially skepitcal of getting her ceremony on video. Until she saw this. She sent it around to her bridesmaids telling us she’s watched it at least 50 times and is now certain she wants to capture her day on video. I couldn’t agree more.

Check it out yourself. It’s gorgeous and the music and song lyrics are perfect.

Textual Harassment

Quick break from my hiatus to share my office’s new Tumblr page! Check it out   🙂


On a Blogging Hiatus

I’ve been insanely busy lately and have sadly neglected my blog. For the time being I’ll be on a blogging break. Back soon I hope!