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Textual Harassment

Quick break from my hiatus to share my office’s new Tumblr page! Check it out   🙂



On a Blogging Hiatus

I’ve been insanely busy lately and have sadly neglected my blog. For the time being I’ll be on a blogging break. Back soon I hope!


New Blog Alert

Hey guys – my friend Francesca started a blog, check it out and give her some love : )

Little reminder

loving this quote today from one of my favorite blogs, Smart Pretty and Awkward

How to be Smarter: When a pen stops writing, you have two options: throw it out, or scribble it around on the paper until the ink appears again. When something stops working, whether it’s a job, your academic major, or a relationship, you have a choice whether to move on or to try hard to make the broken item fixed. But like a pen that has been scribbled back to life, a job/college major/relationship that has stopped meeting your needs before will probably stop meeting them again, no matter how hard you frantically scribble to bring it back to life.

Why blog?

Some people run. Some people eat. Some people draw. Some people shop.

I blog.

Writing is an outlet that I think can only be truly understood by those who share the feeling. I have an entire blogroll of people who do.

Some people think a blog should be more about a career and less about the personal happenings of the author.

Why not both?

I read blogs about plenty of different things. I read blogs about public relations. I read blogs about fashion. I read blogs about emotional growth, I read blogs about relationships and I read blogs that just plain make me laugh.

A good blog makes you think. A good blog reminds you you’re not alone. A good blog inspires you. And a good blog brings you peace.

Does the topic really matter?

Why do you blog?