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How’s your job hunt going?

Not to self promote (except that’s absolutely what I’m doing…) but check out my guest post on PR Breakfast Club: An Agency Perspective: Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Job Hunting

From tube tops to tunics

This was us then.

Then we were 19-year-old college sophomores who wore sparkly tube tops and stocked up on dining hall cereal. We bonded over our small-town roots and older sibling syndrome and instantly labeled ourselves girlfriends (as it was clearly cooler than the middle school BFF title).

We went through everything together. From bad breakups (lady gaga and a bottle of wine (each) does the trick!) to bad grades (yes we were nerds and yes a B is something to bitch about).

After mastering the AP style book and kicking ass as partners for any and every class project, we made it to our undergrad graduation.  We shed the proper tears at the idea of not spending every day together and then cut the tears short as we realized that despite taking separate professional paths (her in agency public relations, me in corporate) we were geographically only an hour away from one another.

This is us now.

Now we are 24ish professionals who traded in sparkly tube tops for earth-toned tunics and dining hall cereal for happy hour specials. After swapping stories via e-mail and gchat for a good two years, she dropped the [awesome] bomb that her agency had an opening at their NYC office. Fast forward a few interviews and apartment hunting later and it’s like we’re back in college again.

Instead of partners for class projects, we’re partners for work projects. And how awesome is it to work with your best friend, I’m sorry, girlfriend, professionally?  We’re set up to kick ass on a whole new level.

Here’s to the future!

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I wish someone had told me…

That having a job doesn’t mean having money. And graduating college doesn’t mean you’re livin’ the good life.

That’s right.. it’s another rant about the “Real World”

Today I had to call up one of my student loan lenders to negotiate a lower monthly payment plan. We worked it out and lowered my payment by about $150 a month but it still gets me agitated. I always thought I’d graduate from college, get a job, start my career path, and chip away at my college loans.

All was going according to plan until the surplus of money I had saved up during the grace period of payback for loans ran dry. Suddenly I realized I didn’t have enough money to go to the grocery store until the next pay day, let alone put money down for my loan.

What am I doing wrong?

The truth is.. nothing. I have a good job that pays me more than I expected out of college, and I live in a city with an exceptionally low cost of living. I save money and don’t buy extravagant clothing (other than the sale shoes that I really can’t live without…) and budget for my bills each month.

Well, in the real world, my valiant effort of saving money and working hard doesn’t matter quite so much. Sure it makes my life a lot easier and definitely puts me in a better off position than I could be, but that college debt from a $45k+/yr school doesn’t care about how hard I’m working. That debt (and it’s evil lenders) just wants to get paid, and with large amounts of interest thank you.

So while I negotiated a lower price, it will definitely take me longer to pay off the money I owe. But if I’m still making payments on it and recognize that it’s “good debt” to have… is it so bad to opt for that lower monthly payment?

These are the thoughts that come up when you combine 2 pints of Blue Moon and an overthinker.

wait, you mean Thursday’s not the weekend?

My transition from college to the real-world has been relatively smooth. But there are some days (particularly the gorgeous, blue-skied, sunshiny, summer days) where I just can’t admit that I’m no longer a college student.

One of the hardest things? Not going out on weeknights.

College Allie: Wednesday means Flip Night at Faegans, pregame here head down around 11? Thursday? It’s the weekend let’s go celebrate!!!! Friday we’ll sleep in so we can do it all over again.

Real World Allie: Wednesday means the work week is ALMOST over. I’ll celebrate with a glass or two of wine. Thursday? It should be the weekend, but it’s not. I probably should just stay in but I really want to go out! okay, I’ll just go out and only have a couple beers. We need to go out around 8 though so I can be home in time to get enough sleep. Oops, that failed. Guess I’ll just be really tired at work tomorrow and feel like crap.

Real World Allie sucks. College Allie got to have way more fun. Now I know people would say I can still go out on weeknights and just limit myself to a couple of drinks, but that’s just no fun when you’re 22!!!This limbo time of no longer being a college student and becoming a professional employee sucks. Why couldn’t College Allie stick around a while longer?…

But I guess Real World Allie does have a little more money.. and doesn’t have to do homework on the weekends…

How are you dealing post-grad pre-profesh?