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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Check out the heat index for the next couple of days in NYC, ‘gonna be a hot one!

Fortunately, my office is air conditioned, otherwise you’d find me doing one or all of the following….

  • making homemade popsicles (preferably made with wine)
  • going inside stores pretending like I’ll actually buy something but really just using them for their AC because let’s be real, with NYC rent there’s no room for me to buy that stuff.
  • carrying around a roll of paper towels so I can wipe off all the sweat I leave every time I sit down, lean against, lie on etc.
  • groaning over the extra effort required to go to the freezer, take out the ice cube tray, bang it against the counter, and place a few cubes into my drink. More movement = more sweat
  • showering at least 3x a day until I decide it’s no longer even worth it at which point I’ll become a sticky un-showered slob
  • spending extra time in the frozen food section at the grocery store
  • spraying myself excessively with Victoria’s Secret Love Spell to help put off the obvious smell that comes along with deciding not to shower
  • befriending people with pools. I’ll find them by phone hacking, that works, right?

How will you stay cool?