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Things I’m Loving

I’ve had a huge week – new city, new job, new way of getting around (bye-bye car!). But here are some things I’m obsessing over at the moment.

This Roll Sleeve Drapey Shirt by LOFT. When I left my job last week, my coworkers gave me a LOFT gift card as a going away gift.. now I know one thing I’m buying!

Damnyouautocorrect.com I could spend hours on this site. And it literally makes me laugh out loud.

This hair style. Sadly, my hair is too short to get it to work well.

Coasters that are perfect to hold a drink and a shot!


These sashes, so many different ways to wear them. A perfect accessory!

Golden Globe Fashion Winners

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Christa, has a great post featuring the best of the Golden Globe styles. Check it out here.