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Road Trip Rants

What is it about roadtrips that bring out the best worst in people? When I was younger, all family road trips were marked by my sister’s inevitable stomach ache and the eight hours of whining and threats of throwing up that followed.

As we got older the stomach aches were replaced with incessant complaining about having to spend valuable weekend time with family instead of friends (it also didn’t help that for a short period of time the family vehicle was a 1980 turquoise station wagon complete with interior turquoise felt lining).

In college, roadtrips were a temporary mark of freedom. A brief escape from the campus bubble and class sillaby. These road trips are so good they’re almost enough to overthrow the bad rep all those family trips created.

Sadly, college roadtrips only last for around four years.

Today my roadtrips are home to a sudden onset of bickering and control battles with my boyfriend who believes it’s necessary to check the oil, tire pressure, washer fluid and cleanliness of the car before going ANYWHERE.  While I know it’s all in my best interest, these pre-trip (even one to two-hour trip) rituals have a way of shifting my mood. And not for the better.

I don’t like to be told I should do something. A side effect of my stubborn will and older-sibling attitude, I don’t respond well to commands.

Therefore, after the back-and-forth battle of the pre-trip ritual (“I do just fine on trips without you checking my oil!!!” I show a big display of defiance when my boyfriend tells me to get the GPS set up.

Now this defiance comes for a couple of different reasons. One is that he just told me to do it and my stubborn-will says no way I’ll show you I can do it without you telling me what to do. And two because every time I try to set the GPS up it falls off my window. And every time it falls of my window my boyfriend comments on how I didn’t do it the way he told me to. Sure, I know the way he told me to  is right, but I don’t need to be told how to do something! (except clearly, in this case, I do).

So, after a few wrong turns and the discovery that I do in fact need to set up the GPS, I do.

We carry on the road trip in silence until a song that we both love comes on the radio and we start singing and cracking up as we realize our identical need for control is nothing short of ridiculous.

You have reached your destination.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!

I’m still very close to my group of girlfriends from highschool. I know that I’m lucky to have six best friends that I’ve known for so long. Even though we’re all in different cities and states, we try to get together a couple times a year to relive old memories and make new ones!

This week we’re heading to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard for a long weekend (and to celebrate my birthdayyyyy). Only a few of us are coming but I can’t wait! The last time I was there was in 2008 for my 21st birthday. Needless to say, it was awesome.

Happy short work week (for me) !

Girl’s weekend – Chicago style.

In about 6 hours (not that I’m counting or anything…) I’m skipping out of work and heading to Chicago for what’s sure to be a ridiculously awesome weekend with my girlfriends from college. Meg, Caroline and Allie have all written about the importance of girl time recently and I can’t wait to add my own stories!

Talk to you Tuesday < 3 !

Classic Overachiever

“Just because you’re in business, you don’t have to aspire to be in top management. Just because you’re a writer doesn’t mean you have to become a best-selling novelist. Just because you’re a runner doesn’t mean you need to win the Boston Marathon.”

Great excerpt from a great post by Amber Naslund (follow on Twitter, @AmberCadabra)

Those words are tough to take. Coming from a generation viewed as “entitled”, I’ve always wanted to climb to the top of whatever it is I’m doing. It’s the classic case of an over achiever but if I’m not the best, or at least one of the best, at what I’m doing, I feel like I’ve failed.

Not only is that delusional, but it’s exhausting! My first two years of college I stressed too often and saw my friends too little. By my junior year I was tired of putting so much energy into getting my 4.0 and acing every exam. Once I started spending more time with my friends, I relaxed a bit and found myself to be much happier. This isn’t to say that I stopped stressing about school or that I didn’t work as hard, it just means I came to terms with the fact that it’s okay if I’m not number 1. It’s just important to be happy.

For some people, happiness does come with being number one. Corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs, marathon winners, whatever it is – those people have decided that they want to put their energy toward being the absolute best in that field. That doesn’t mean their lifestyle choice is any better, or worse, than a woman who works part time, maintains a household, cares for her kids, and spends every Saturday having dinner with her friends and family.

I always thought I wanted to climb to the top in my career and that I wouldn’t stop until I was there. Lately I’ve realized my ambitions are shifting. I don’t want to sacrifice a family to be a hard-working VP. Sometimes I feel like this thinking is just me being lazy and not wanting to work hard enough to get to the top (again, the over achiever talking) but then I remember that, as Amber says, everyone has their own yardstick. Being “better” than everyone else won’t make you any happier.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Is climbing to the top overrated? Have you faced these same mental challenges?

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Okay, not quite. But, I did have a weekend filled with cliche summertime fun.

Friday: Friday night we went to Empire Brewfest in downtown Syracuse. This is by far my favorite festival (for obvious reasons). You pay $39 for a ticket (although the price increases every year.. NOT happy about that!!) and drink 4 oz. samples from dozens of local vendors. My favorite was Middle Ages Raspberry Ale, delicious! We also tried a jalapeno beer. Not sure who makes it but it definitely had a kick to it!

Saturday: We spent Saturday poolside with some hot dogs, macaroni salad and beers. Lots of fun and lots of tanning! At night we went to the drive in about 30 minutes away for some real old-fashioned fun. I forgot how much I love the drive in! We have one in my hometown but I haven’t been in years. The weather, aside from all the mosquitoes, was awesome. We saw Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. I hate Tom Cruise, and I heard this movie was terribleee. But honestly, I didn’t mind it. Probably because my expectations were so low. Next we saw Grown Ups with Adam Sandler and the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, this one didn’t meet my expectations. I thought it was hilarious and I loved the cast, but I think I was expecting more out of it. Still a fun summer movie though! (it’ll leave you wanting to go to a water park for sure!)

Sunday: Sunday funday was spent lakeside with the girls. We don’t have beaches in Upstate, NY so the lake is our equivalent. We went jetskiing and tubing and ate wayy too many gummies while reading Cosmo and working on our tans. A great way to end the weekend : )

The fun didn’t stop there! Last night I went bowling with my boyfriend’s cousins and family. We snuck in vodka, mixed it with lemonade, and had an awesome time!

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?

A move to the windy city?

You know the way some people describe New York City? How from the first time they visited, they knew they were meant to go back, again and again and again? That’s how I feel about Chicago.

I don’t really know why, I’ve only visited once, but I love it. The idea of relocating to Chicago doesn’t overwhelm me, it excites me. Plus, it’s an added bonus that one of my best friends is a law student there ; )

What are your favorite things about Chicago? What should I know before deciding to take the plunge and relocating?