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Thunderstorms? Don’t they know it’s my birthday?

For the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my birthday on Martha’s Vineyard with my best friends from home. We’re heading out tomorrow night to begin a long weekend of 24 birthday candles, lobster, sunshine, Mocha Mott’s coffee and, because Rachel is both mature and demanding, several applications of sunscreen.

The forecast looks a bit grim (what’s the opposite of a rain dance?) but I am sitll beside myself with excitement. Last year we packed nearly 10 of us in what was in no way bigger than a 10×10 room. This year, we’ve booked some hotel rooms and Matt will (hopefully) not be obligated to force himself onto Rachel’s twin-sized air mattress with her.

Have you been to Martha’s Vineyard? What are your favorite things to do while you’re there?

Rain Rain go away..

Festivities of previous years..

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The Frenemy’s rules on friendship

Loving this post about friendship from the Frenemy.

A few of my faves are:

  • and tell them that dress looks stupid on them but man, that skirt makes their ass look great
  • Realize you will never get those socks/that hair tie back
  • Tell them their ex’s new girlfriend is a bitch
  • Even though she isn’t
  • Serenade them with Total Eclipse of the Heart or You Oughta Know

Here are some others that my friends and I decided we’d add:

  •  if they want to record a video of you singing a taylor swift song while driving, let them do it – you will always reminisce about it later
  • always hold their hair when they’re headfirst in the toilet at a dirty frat party/bar
  • name your kids together and talk about their future play dates
  • be so close that no knocking is required before entering their house
  • hug and squeal every time you see each other whether you’ve been apart for months or a day
  • get excited about her birthday as though it’s your own, maybe even more so
  • forgive her when she turns into a drunk, weeping diva on her birthday, you’ll have your turn
  • share a bed, unless she snores or wheezes, then do obnoxious impressions of her and explain how you won’t let that shit interfere with your beauty sleep

What would you add?

From tube tops to tunics

This was us then.

Then we were 19-year-old college sophomores who wore sparkly tube tops and stocked up on dining hall cereal. We bonded over our small-town roots and older sibling syndrome and instantly labeled ourselves girlfriends (as it was clearly cooler than the middle school BFF title).

We went through everything together. From bad breakups (lady gaga and a bottle of wine (each) does the trick!) to bad grades (yes we were nerds and yes a B is something to bitch about).

After mastering the AP style book and kicking ass as partners for any and every class project, we made it to our undergrad graduation.  We shed the proper tears at the idea of not spending every day together and then cut the tears short as we realized that despite taking separate professional paths (her in agency public relations, me in corporate) we were geographically only an hour away from one another.

This is us now.

Now we are 24ish professionals who traded in sparkly tube tops for earth-toned tunics and dining hall cereal for happy hour specials. After swapping stories via e-mail and gchat for a good two years, she dropped the [awesome] bomb that her agency had an opening at their NYC office. Fast forward a few interviews and apartment hunting later and it’s like we’re back in college again.

Instead of partners for class projects, we’re partners for work projects. And how awesome is it to work with your best friend, I’m sorry, girlfriend, professionally?  We’re set up to kick ass on a whole new level.

Here’s to the future!

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My friends: A Character Overview

I’ve been close to my group of girl friends for about 11 years now.. some even longer. As we’ve grown closer, we’ve also grown into more defined personalities that we can all read and predict. All of us know to give Rachel an extra 10 minutes and that she’ll never be ready and waiting when you pull into her driveway.

While this predictability is common in strong relationships, what’s interesting to me is the way we all fit into a character bucket. If I could write a character overview of my friends, it’d go something like this:

Rachel: Rachel’s the stubborn red head. She’ll fight you to the grave over a one-degree discrepancy in the weather and point out the fact that your outfit doesn’t match.  But when her stubborn nature isn’t working against you, it’s working for you in a way that not many people can. Like the weather, she’ll defend you to the grave and have your back in any situation.

Emma: Emma’s the free spirit with dreams bigger than her. Her closet’s always a mess and she rarely bothers with make up , although her confidence in her rich green eyes does more for her than makeup ever could. She lives in the moment, which is why she usually has an adorable Coach purse  on her arm but a broken-down car in the driveway. She’s the kind of friend that reminds you possibilities are endless.

Katie: Katie’s the girl next door. Soccer player, homecoming queen, Catholic. She looks good in anything and if she laughs too hard she pees her pants. A bit naïve at times, you sometimes wonder if she was too sheltered – but don’t let her pearls and tiny frame fool you,  she can chug a beer like no other.

Amanda: Amanda’s the one with the infectious laugh and off-beat style.  By day she’s a straight edge, by night she’s crowd surfing at Pitbull concerts. While she went through awkward stage s like collecting beanie babies and wearing floppy hats, she now directs her creative energy toward cake decorating. She puts so much attention to detail and life that you know she’ll be successful.

Gretchen: Gretchen is the teacher’s pet gone wild. Okay, a bit extreme. But she is a go-getter with a (at times) frat-boy sense of humor. She’s involved in several clubs, events and associations and works multiple jobs at once. Spend a few minutes with her and she’ll more than likely drop a dirty joke or funny remark. She’s got the drive to make it, and the humor to make it enjoyable.

Margaret: Margaret is the assertive one. The all-American girl in a gray t-shirt and ripped jeans.  She knows what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. She’ll try something 15 times before asking anyone for help. While at times she may appear aggressive, she’s got the best intentions and greatest  ambitions.

These are the characters who make up the story of my life. And I love them all for who they are ❤

What’s your character overview?

emoticons = enthusiasm

If you haven’t figured out from my posts (which is highly unlikely) I have a serious issue with worry. Primarily, worry about my friendships and relationships. I am always terrified of making someone mad or letting someone down. Everyday I think someone is mad at me.

Not only is this unattractive, it’s not healthy either.

My roommate gets the worst of it. I told her over the summer that I constantly think she’s mad at me when we have conversations via text. Tonight I sent her a text and because she didn’t respond with an LOL, haha, or the proper emoticon, I immediately started thinking she’s mad at me.

This is a serious negative of our technology-driven society (and a major defect in my personality and confidence). How many times have you exchanged an e-mail with someone or texted and taken their tone completely different from how they meant it?

I think that’s why I over-use exclamation points and smiley faces… I feel like I need to validate my enthusiasm more-so when it’s through technology rather than face-to-face.

Do you find yourself doing this too? Or do you just e-mail and text as usual and drive people like me crazy thinking you’re mad at us ; ) ?

How do you find the right words?

We all have internal conflicts. Sometimes they’re easier to work through than others. Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about something and it just consumes your thoughts until you don’t even remember why you got so worked up in the first place.

Right now I’m struggling because one of my coworkers was let go last week. I realize this is a fairly common occurrence (especially in this economy) but she was also one of my really good friends. It’s weird not having her here. And it’s strange knowing how to act – both to her and at work.

I’m not here to dispute whether she should’ve been fired, I’m just trying to figure out how you console someone who lost their job when you still have yours. She’s a smart, outgoing and hard-working person. She went to one of the top 10 schools for communications and advertising. She also just found out she’s pregnant with her first child. How is she supposed to find a new job now? Who hires someone who says they’re 3 months pregnant?

I know that in the end she’ll be fine. And I’m sure she knows that too. She and her husband will have a gorgeous baby and will be happy and none of this stuff will matter. But what about the right now? How do you help a friend feel better about something that you have no control over?

A bottle of wine and some trashy tv

WONDERFUL weekend in Chicago with three of my best girl friends from college.  It felt so so good to have a girl’s weekend that consisted of dancing, frozen pizza, beer, trashy reality tv (heyyy kourtney and khloe), gossip, ice cream, tanning, cosmo, photoshoots and barhopping.

p.s. I am so moving to Chicago.