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A bottle of wine and some trashy tv

WONDERFUL weekend in Chicago with three of my best girl friends from college.  It felt so so good to have a girl’s weekend that consisted of dancing, frozen pizza, beer, trashy reality tv (heyyy kourtney and khloe), gossip, ice cream, tanning, cosmo, photoshoots and barhopping.

p.s. I am so moving to Chicago.

Girl’s weekend – Chicago style.

In about 6 hours (not that I’m counting or anything…) I’m skipping out of work and heading to Chicago for what’s sure to be a ridiculously awesome weekend with my girlfriends from college. Meg, Caroline and Allie have all written about the importance of girl time recently and I can’t wait to add my own stories!

Talk to you Tuesday < 3 !

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Okay, not quite. But, I did have a weekend filled with cliche summertime fun.

Friday: Friday night we went to Empire Brewfest in downtown Syracuse. This is by far my favorite festival (for obvious reasons). You pay $39 for a ticket (although the price increases every year.. NOT happy about that!!) and drink 4 oz. samples from dozens of local vendors. My favorite was Middle Ages Raspberry Ale, delicious! We also tried a jalapeno beer. Not sure who makes it but it definitely had a kick to it!

Saturday: We spent Saturday poolside with some hot dogs, macaroni salad and beers. Lots of fun and lots of tanning! At night we went to the drive in about 30 minutes away for some real old-fashioned fun. I forgot how much I love the drive in! We have one in my hometown but I haven’t been in years. The weather, aside from all the mosquitoes, was awesome. We saw Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. I hate Tom Cruise, and I heard this movie was terribleee. But honestly, I didn’t mind it. Probably because my expectations were so low. Next we saw Grown Ups with Adam Sandler and the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, this one didn’t meet my expectations. I thought it was hilarious and I loved the cast, but I think I was expecting more out of it. Still a fun summer movie though! (it’ll leave you wanting to go to a water park for sure!)

Sunday: Sunday funday was spent lakeside with the girls. We don’t have beaches in Upstate, NY so the lake is our equivalent. We went jetskiing and tubing and ate wayy too many gummies while reading Cosmo and working on our tans. A great way to end the weekend : )

The fun didn’t stop there! Last night I went bowling with my boyfriend’s cousins and family. We snuck in vodka, mixed it with lemonade, and had an awesome time!

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?

A move to the windy city?

You know the way some people describe New York City? How from the first time they visited, they knew they were meant to go back, again and again and again? That’s how I feel about Chicago.

I don’t really know why, I’ve only visited once, but I love it. The idea of relocating to Chicago doesn’t overwhelm me, it excites me. Plus, it’s an added bonus that one of my best friends is a law student there ; )

What are your favorite things about Chicago? What should I know before deciding to take the plunge and relocating?

Love Long Weekends

Had an awesome long weekend to celebrate the 4th. 90+ temps meant we were either poolside, or lakeside, for 3 days straight. Plus, for some reason, I’m much more okay with eating excessive quantities of food on long weekends than I am on a typical day.

Now, back to reality… when’s the next long weekend??