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The Frenemy’s rules on friendship

Loving this post about friendship from the Frenemy.

A few of my faves are:

  • and tell them that dress looks stupid on them but man, that skirt makes their ass look great
  • Realize you will never get those socks/that hair tie back
  • Tell them their ex’s new girlfriend is a bitch
  • Even though she isn’t
  • Serenade them with Total Eclipse of the Heart or You Oughta Know

Here are some others that my friends and I decided we’d add:

  •  if they want to record a video of you singing a taylor swift song while driving, let them do it – you will always reminisce about it later
  • always hold their hair when they’re headfirst in the toilet at a dirty frat party/bar
  • name your kids together and talk about their future play dates
  • be so close that no knocking is required before entering their house
  • hug and squeal every time you see each other whether you’ve been apart for months or a day
  • get excited about her birthday as though it’s your own, maybe even more so
  • forgive her when she turns into a drunk, weeping diva on her birthday, you’ll have your turn
  • share a bed, unless she snores or wheezes, then do obnoxious impressions of her and explain how you won’t let that shit interfere with your beauty sleep

What would you add?

Everyone needs a little downtime

With limited vacation days, it’s tough to get that time to yourself that you need to keep sane at work! Luckily, I’ve been able to take 3 mini trips this summer, which I almost enjoy better than one big one.

I’ve already blogged about my trip to Chicago (my future cityyy!) and talked about what was then my soon-to-be trip to the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard. The trip was great! I drove down (or over or up? I’m not good with maps..) with my boyfriend on a Wednesday night after work. We stayed for two nights at a house in Dennis on the Cape that his family had rented for a week. After getting in at 1:30 in the morning, we got up at 6:00 and went deep sea fishing. Totally not my thing but ended up being AWESOME!

After some beach time and amazing seafood my boyfriend and I left to hit the Vineyard for a couple of days with my best friends from home. To avoid the high-prices that are the Vineyard, we fit 8 of us into a tiny 10×10 room with two twin bed and a couple of air mattresses. Tight squeeze but it was hilarious. We walked around, shopped a bit then got some seafood and hit the bar for my 23rd birthday celebration.

We did so much more but the details probably won’t interest you! It was a much-needed and much-appreciated trip. Hope you’ve had a few like that this summer!

A bottle of wine and some trashy tv

WONDERFUL weekend in Chicago with three of my best girl friends from college.  It felt so so good to have a girl’s weekend that consisted of dancing, frozen pizza, beer, trashy reality tv (heyyy kourtney and khloe), gossip, ice cream, tanning, cosmo, photoshoots and barhopping.

p.s. I am so moving to Chicago.