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#140 Conf Recap

Last week my colleague, class mate and best friend, Amber, and I attended the #140 Conf in NYC. We made a short video wrap up and Amber put together an awesome compilatoin of the event’s trends and speakers. Check it out!


Week two in the new job is wrapping up, this weekend I’m off to Philadelphia for a Mad Men themed ball with the Penn Design school (pictures next week!) For now, check out these good finds:

  • Cute twist on the Dear Blank, Please Blank site
  • My adorable new puppy, who is pretty much like a mini Oreo. She’s still unnamed.. any suggestions?
  • My first contribution to the Text 100 blog, Hypertext!
  • Great April Fool pranks throughout history
  • Darren Criss singing Not Alone. Because he’s hot and his music rocks. always.
  • Trailer for the Hangover Two is out! The plot seems exactly the same as the first, but still hilarious. (thanks Jordan!)