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How will you describe living in NYC?

I spent some time catching up on my Google Reader earlier and came across a GREAT article on Meg’s Mumbo. Even though I’ve only been in New York for about nine months now, this post seems to capture a lot about life, and moments, in the city.

Take a look. – What People Talk about When They Talk about Life in New York

ps: a few of my favorite excerpts…

You’re close with the girl in the Lower East Side until she moves to Queens and falls off your radar. 

They talk about the moments when they felt most connected, when the city was giving them smooth handy J’s on a beautiful day and you were reciprocating by going down on it at The High Line. 

They talk about the reasons why they might leave—there are many and they all are valid—which invariably include the desire to have more space, more bang for your buck, and needing to make healthier lifestyle choices.


A move to the windy city?

You know the way some people describe New York City? How from the first time they visited, they knew they were meant to go back, again and again and again? That’s how I feel about Chicago.

I don’t really know why, I’ve only visited once, but I love it. The idea of relocating to Chicago doesn’t overwhelm me, it excites me. Plus, it’s an added bonus that one of my best friends is a law student there ; )

What are your favorite things about Chicago? What should I know before deciding to take the plunge and relocating?