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Pushing Ahead

Great advice from one of my favorite blogs today, Smart Pretty and Awkard

How to be Smarter: I think the happiest people continually create their own options and choices, and I think the unhappiest people are the ones that feel unable to do that and so they are stuck in their situation. You have to practice being proactive about finding ways to make your life better, and you might have to make changes, even if you are scared. By practicing these two things, when a bad moment does come around, you will already have a reservoir of confidence that you can trust yourself to find and execute a way to make it better.

Short, but sweet.

My posts have been short and sweet lately, and in a way, that’s been a good thing. I’ve been focusing on bigger goals at work, visiting friends and spending time doing things that make me happy. I was even able to make a day trip to NYC, which combined both business and pleasure, and filled me once again with that drive and motivation I had when I first graduated college.

And while this post still fits the mold of short and sweet, it’s a reminder of keeping perspective, and faith, in the things that matter.

Happy Thanksgiving < 3

If you never fail, you’ve never lived

Where do you get your motivation?

Discipline used to come easy to me. My bed was always made, my apartment spotless, my bills in order and my gym schedule on track.

For some reason I’ve lost that discipline over the last year and a half. At first I thought it was just the byproduct of falling into a new relationship and temporarily forgetting anything else matters. But that excuse is long gone and the motivation I once had is still M.I.A.

I’m lucky if I exercise once a week – and by exercise I mean take a walk around the neighborhood. I quit my gym because it just wasn’t worth paying for if I wasn’t going to go. My bed only gets made on the weekend if I have nothing to do and just can’t stand looking at it anymore. I constantly have a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor and my bills, while they get paid, are hardly as organized as they once were.

So what’s the deal? Motivation used to come so naturally to me. I know I’m happier when I’m on track and disciplined – shouldn’t that be enough?

I keep thinking I’ll snap out of it but I’m getting kind of sick of waiting!

Sure, small things give me a temporary boost of motivation (OMG,. GLEE season premier tomorrow night!!) or get me excited to try new things (Hellllo House Hunters, can’t wait to buy a home!). But those sparks are short lived. I need something permanent.

How do you get it back when you fall into a slump?

Ultimate ‘screw-the-norm-follow-your-gut-go-get-it-girl’ book!

Kelly Cutrone If You Have to Cry, Go Outside … And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You

…if you want to be extra-ordinary–you will not get there by hanging around a bunch of people who tell you you’re not extraordinary. Instead, you will prob become as ordinary as they expect you to be.”

Awesome empowering book. Check out NYMag’s review of it here