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On Repeat

Matt Nathanson, faster.


On Repeat

“I’m winning you with words because I have no other way”

Oh Taylor…

Another afternoon where I have you on repeat

I’m captivated by you, baby, like a firework show

Best Behavior

Every few months or so I go on a Vanessa Carlton kick. Here’s today’s song of choice:

Make Me Merry

I’ve got this song by Kate Nash on repeat. I love songs with lyrics that stand out to you. In this case it’s the following:

Chatting on the phone
Can’t take back those hours
But I won’t regret
‘Cause you can grow flowers
From where dirt used to be



I love songs that bring back memories. This one reminds me of when I was six or seven. My mom had a daycare in our house and we all had hand gestures and a “routine” we did while it was playing.




I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home


on repeat. enjoy!