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Learnings of a [first time] City Girl

So I’ve arrived in NYC, officially marking the start of my next chapter in life [or at least that’s what everyone keeps saying]. Things I’ve discovered in my four days as a city girl:

  • I live directly above a frozen yogurt store – this is good.
  • I live directly across the street from a gym – this means “the gym is too far” can never be an excuse again. This is no good.
  • Train weekend schedules are different from weekday – this means attempting a trial run for your work route on the weekend is not the same as the actual thing.
  • Bagels are everywhere – guess it’s good I have that gym
  • Walking is great when it’s warm out – not so much when it’s raining and snowing
  • Going to Target in Queens is not the same as a Target in Upstate, NY – it is just as chaotic as the streets of New York.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – but make sure they’re still cute.
  • No car means no need for a DD when you’re out at the bars – this is good

 More to come – any suggestions or advice?


Movin’ on Up

Let the packing commence!

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In an Empire State of Mind

Guess what bloggies? I’m moving to NYC! In what’s been a crazy two weeks, I’ve accepted a position at a PR firm in Manhattan… and I couldn’t be more excited. So in a fitting manner to the changes in my life, I’ve changed my blog look too.

I’ll keep you posted about the journey (good and bad!) but for now, it’s time to tackle my growing to-do list.

City-bound in three weeks!