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We’re turning into our mothers, gasp.

The other day I came across an interesting post on one of my new favorite blogs, Life2PointOh. The piece was titled “20-something signs you’re turning into your mother“. It’s funny how true some of these are. My favorites include:

  • You look for SPF in your moisturizer.
  • You feel kinda like a rebel when you’re up past midnight on a school night
  • You make friends text you when they get home, so you won’t worry
  • You totally understand how Friday nights in can trump Friday nights out

I think I’d also add:

  • You understand what a difference simply making your bed every morning can do for your room
  • You get annoyed at people who don’t rinse their dishes. In the end it saves time people!
  • You rejoice over alone time
  • You need it written on the calendar or a post-it note to remember
  • You enjoy coffee dates almost as much as happy hour. And hey, it’s usually cheaper

What  would you add?

Does your mom stalk you too?

My mom has a blog. and a Facebook page. And Twitter. And unlimited texting.

I’ve always suspected she uses the tools above to keep tabs on me.. but now it’s been confirmed. Via her blog. Enjoy.

Confirmation that my mom stalks me.