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Why Can’t I Sit Still?

I’m terrible at sitting still. I’m one of those people you dread going to the movies with. I ask questions throughout the whole thing and shift positions in my seat about 17 times.

And while moving around during a movie seems like a minor thing in the grand scheme of things, it’s entirely reflective of my life. I can’t sit still.

I thrive on change and progress. If I’m not doing something new, I’m not moving forward, if I’m not moving forward, then what am I doing? Don’t get me wrong, I love routine, and let’s be real, I work an 8-5 day job sitting in a cubicle, I’m not that adventurous. But when something loses its appeal or I can no longer get excited about things, I get frustrated.

I love drinking my cup of coffee every morning, but like to change who I drink it with. I love going to bed early with a book every night, as long as the furniture in my room has been moved around every few months or so.

I date guys who I consider myself madly in love with for a couple of years and then decide it’s not doing it for me anymore, and move on to find something more exciting.

Why can’t I sit still? Why do I need something new?

Everyone says that when you find something, and someone, that is right for you, you’ll know. But I’m not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I should just embrace the fact that I need change and find a job, and a relationship, that changes with me.

Do you thrive on change? Or are you in favor of a solid, unchanging, routine?

What’s your passion?

I have this quote as my favorite quote on Facebook. I took it from one of my favorite blogs, smartprettyandawkward.

“Take your passion and run with it–even if it is only for a day. Dreams and passions don’t need to last forever to be important or valid or interesting. Today, I love cupcakes. The whole blog is dedicated to them today. Will I love them as much when the weather is hot and sticky and all I want is an iced tea? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate them today.”

It’s so easy to go through life without passion. We all fall into routines because they’re easy, and they work. But the truth is, without passion, things are just plain boring. Passion exercises our brains the way our imagination did when we were younger. We need to spend more time thinking about our passions and living them. Like the quote says above, if you feel a spark, run with it. Let yourself be passionate about something. Don’t fight it. And if suddenly that passion runs out, that’s okay too. It’s about enjoying it while you’re living it.

So find your passion. embrace it. it feels good.