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Why being the first born in the family makes you a great PR professional

Earlier, Kate wrote a humorous piece about why being the baby of the family makes you a great PR professional. I’m here to tell Kate, and you, why first borns truly make the better PR person ; )

  • We’re natural born leaders. You know that nicely paved road you baby siblings are walking down? Oh yeah, we did that. (don’t’ worry, you don’t have to thank us now). In PR we can take charge of a situation, assign some roles, and calmly work through any potential crisis situation.
  • We’re determined perfectionists. For a brief time in our lives we were the one and only focus of our parents. We had several home videos made of us and our parents cooed anytime we looked at them. Everything we did was new, exciting and, well, perfect. Today, we still strive for that perfection. We don’t stop until we think we’ve done our best. That high-profile editor we’ve been pitching with no response? Keep truckin’! We go at it ‘til we get it.
  • We enjoy being the center of attention. Okay, yes, that makes us sound a bit selfish. But it really helps in our career! Those home videos mentioned above? You can bet I soaked up every minute of them. For years I didn’t let my younger sister hand out gifts at Christmas because I wanted to be the one to read the names on the boxes (embarrassing, but true). This is key in PR. Our client and their brand becomes us. We do whatever we can to ensure that brand gets the attention it deserves. And with years of experience being center stage, you can bet we’re rather good ; )

And while some may call us aggressive, arrogant, attention-hogging siblings, I think we do quite well for ourselves!

To reiterate what Kate said, this is in no way scientific… jut the fun (and probably accurate) ramblings of a first born! Thanks Kate for such a fun post : )

We Didn’t Start the Fire

I am a huge sucker for crisis communications. The Tylenol case study from the 80s still excites me. In fact, I think I refer to that case a lot, probably too much, in my day-to-day conversation.

But I love it! Their transparency was admirable and quick recall even smarter. I’m a total crisis comm. nerd.

This probably explains why yesterday, when my company found itself in the midst of a mini PR crisis, my blood started pumping. At last, a chance to use those skills my four-year degree equipped in me!

I’m really fortunate in the fact that I get to work with a former Fleishman-Hillard executive. Although it was a mini crisis, she executed flawlessly and managed to calm the nerves of the anxiety-ridden VP here. Here’s how it went.

  • Company got word of a series of press conferences that could mention us
  • PR team put together statements and internal communication about potential mini-crisis
  • PR team set up keyword searches in monitoring service
  • Press conferences happened and did mention company
  • PR team distributed pre-developed statements (which were completely transparent and cooperative)
  • PR team monitored all news outlets

We’re still monitoring the news for any mention or larger pick up of the piece, but nerves have calmed over at corporate. Nothing caught us off guard which made it easier to respond appropriately. Adrenaline levels were high, but in control. It felt awesome!

I got home late last night, excited about the day. My boyfriend asked why I was so excited if this mini crisis could be bad for the company.

But he’s an architect. He just doesn’t get it.

Here’s to another day of blood-pumping crisis comms!