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Try to laugh.

I think one of the greatest accomplishments in life is the ability to maintain a positive mindset when everything around you appears to be falling apart. To become that person who others look at and think “how does she do it?”

Unfortunately (or maybe it’s not such a bad thing?) life throws many obstacles along the way, interfering with our ability to reach that level of greatness. We all have days where we spill coffee on our white shirt, forget to send out a bill before it’s due, trip in the mud and slam our car into another. We all have days that suck.

But, as the cliché goes, we do have the power to control our reactions to these “sucky” situations. We can choose to laugh when we get a run in our stockings, or we can choose to spend the entire day dwelling over something that we can’t fix at the moment.

I choose to laugh. Or I should say I am working on choosing to laugh.

Nothing ever gets solved by negative thoughts, temper tantrums and curse words. And while we’ll inevitably have those moments where a four letter word trumps the desire to laugh, the best we can do is try. Try to laugh.

I’ve been working on replacing laughter for frustration for a couple of years now. It’s not easy, but it’s finally reaching the point where the laughter and positive thoughts come more naturally than they used to.

Spend a week monitoring your thoughts and reactions. When you notice a negative one slip in, see if you can squeeze something positive through there.

What’s the worst that can happen?


Screwing up and facing the music..

In my last post I wrote about my lack of motivation. Apparently that applies to my blogging too since I’ve been MIA for a while. But I’m back and hoping I’ll stick to a steadier schedule.

Here’s what’s on my mind today: screw ups.

I hate screwing up. Hate it. Especially at work. If my boss gives me an impossible research task I’ll spend hours scouring the web and other resources trying to find something that can at least qualify as some form of response – all because I don’t want to “screw up” and fail.

Well, today I screwed up. Actually, the U.S. postal service screwed up first.. but then I screwed up. Here’s how it went down:

A few weeks ago I had the finance department issue a check for the DJ service we were using at an office event. I put the check in an official work envelope and sent it out through the post office. A week went by and the DJ service was starting to get antsy that their check never showed up (the event was the next day, eek!)

Still maintaining composure (but swearing silently at the post office) I told myself “okay no big deal, I can handle this, have finance void the check and issue another. Problem – finance could void the check but they’d have to handwrite a new one. After some begging, they agreed and hand-wrote me another check to deliver to the DJ.

Sweet, problem solved, the music will go on!

The music did go on. We rocked out to the tunes of The Orleans, Billy Joel and REO Speedwagon (heard it from a friend whoooo…..). But then…

Dun dun dunnnnn…


It has to be somewhere, I kept reassuring myself. I searched my black work purse, my special event folder, my car, EVERYWHERE! Finally, I realized the moment of truth: I was not going to find this check.

My stomach churned at the thought of screwing up. “They’ll never trust me with company money again!! How could I lose TWO checks in two weeks??”

Not to mention the fact that I had promised the DJ I would hand deliver the check, TODAY.

I spent a good three hours agonizing over the fact that I lost the check when my boyfriend said to me: “Look, you messed up, you’re right. But worse things could happen. Go to finance, have them void a check and reissue another. Yes, you’re embarrassed but it could be a lot worse – you could’ve lost cash. Suck it up and prove that you can fix your own mistakes”

He’s right. As much as I hate messing up at something, the true reflection of your character is in how you handle it. We’re not robots and we never will be. So while I know finance probably wants to take my head off, the fact is the problem can get fixed – so do it.

Finance is in the process of issuing me another check. Now I just have to find a way to tell them I need it by today…..