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Wegmans, Cheap Rent and Tree-Lined Streets…

Last week, I spent time in Upstate, NY, splitting my days between my college-town, Syracuse, and my company’s office in Rochester. Normally my trips upstate last only a few days, so it was really nice to have the entire week to take in all of the things I miss about the area. And wow, I didn’t realize just how many things there were…

  • Wegmans. the selection, the hot food, the freshly packed sushi. amazing. I still think about their $3.99 frozen pizzas (spoken from someone who considers frozen pizza a staple to their diet).
  • The leaves and tree-lined streets. They just add this charm to the neighborhood that you can’t get anywhere else. It makes you want to go for a run and plow through the leaves, crunching them with every step you take.
  • Driving in a car. this simple luxury. The fact that when it’s cold out, the farthest distance I have to go, if I really want to, is walking from my house to my car, sparing myself from walking blocks in the snow and chilly wind.
  • Target. OMG. Do I miss Target. Why is it so amazing? Yesterday I walked through one of the stores and just looked at all of the Christmas decorations and candies (yes, it’s early, but I love it so I won’t complain!) and the hair products and shoes and books and music and food, all under one amazing roof.
  • The rent. My rent in NYC is four times what it was upstate. This means my Starbuck’s red-cup splurges will have to be minimal this year. And that I have to seriously calculate my Christmas spending and gift buying.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the city, and I know that when it starts lighting up with the winter spirit, ice skaters and holiday festivities, I’ll wonder how I ever went without it. But for a week, it was nice to relive my upstate favorites.

Oh, and obviously the best part about upstate, Syracuse basketball. Kicking off the ’11-’12 season!